2015 Workshop Program [Summer]

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Russian Art and Culture Group, Second Graduate Workshop
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
Conference Room, Research IV, June 4–5, 2015

Thursday, June 4th
10.00 Opening – Welcome Address: Prof. Dr. Isabel Wünsche

Russian Art of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: Tradition and Modernism Chair: Rebecca Wichmann

10.30 Between the Frontiers: Valentin Serov by Russian, Soviet and Western Critics: Tanja Malycheva, Westfälische Wilhelms­ Universität/MSU, Moscow

11.00 “You are the only hope…”: Changing the Perception of Russian Printmaking in the Late Nineteenth Century: Dr. Galina Mardilovich, independent
researcher, Cambridge

11.30 Fairy Tales in Russian Painting of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: Ludmila Piters­-Hofmann, Humboldt University Berlin

12.00 The Discourse on Pictorial Photography in Russia at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century: Nadezhda Stanulevich, Russian Academy of Fine Arts
Museum, St.Petersburg

12.30 Discussion

13.00 Lunch

Russian Art Exhibitions: Intentions and Interpretations Chair: Tanja Malycheva

14.30 The Russian Pavilion at the International Exhibition in Rome in 1911: Some Aspects of the Internal Discourse: Svetlana Babadzhan, State Institute for Art Studies, Moscow

15.00 Political Aspects of the Perception and Reception of the Russian Avant- Garde: Exhibitions in Germany in 1921 and 1922: Natalia Kroll, Aby­Warburg-Stiftung/Universität Hamburg

15.30 Discussion

16.00 Coffee Break

16.30 The Soviet Art Exhibition at the Institute of Art Propaganda in Warsaw in 1933: The Reception of Soviet Artistic and Political Ideas by Polish Avant-
Garde Groups (1933–1937): Agnieszka Dulębą, Institute of Art History, Warsaw University

17.00 Exhibiting Russia: Revising, Reframing and Reinterpreting the RussianAvant-Garde: Dr. Roann Barris, Chair and Professor, Art Department, Radford University

17.30 Discussion

19.00 Dinner

Friday, June 5th

Contemporary Russia I Chair: Rebecca Wichmann

10.00 Perceptions of (Soviet­) Russian Art in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century: Ilya Kabakov as an Exceptional and Epitome Phenomenon: Olga Keller, Justus­Liebig­Universität Gießen

10.30 Chto Delat? Art Activism in Russia from the Perspective of its Transnational Perception: Sebastian Mühl, University of Art and Design Offenbach/Main

11.00 The Perception of Russian Art Brut in Western Europe: Dina Filatova, Department of Art History, European University, St. Petersburg

11.30 Discussion

12.30 Lunch

Contemporary Russia II Chair: Tanja Malycheva

14.30 The Accidental Nature of Independent Art: A Look at Contemporary Russian Artists From the Cube­Shaped Luda Gallery: Roberta Sala, University of Torino

15.00 Ostalgia as a Special Artistic Development in Contemporary Art: Natalia Drobot, Hasselt University and PLX­MAD, Hasselt

15.30 To Cannes with Love: Russian Movies and Russian Critics at the International Film Festival: Dr. Marina Toropygina, Russian State University of
Cinematography, Moscow

16.00 Discussion and Closing Notes